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Solihull borough councillor, Jeff Potts, has posted Islamophobic messages on Twitter, which has led to him being suspended from the Tory Party, but he is still an independent councillor. This is currently being investigated, but we need to make sure the council understand just how ser
Following our action alert about the Times and Daily Mail’s fake story about Muslim foster carers, IPSO, the independent press regulator, has finally responded. As you can see it is yet another pathetic reply from a regulator that does more to protect the British press than hold them
Recently the Times and Daily Mail published stories about a Christian child being “forced” to stay with Muslim foster carers. Islamophobes around the country ran with the story and used it to demonise Muslims, but the story has since been found to have many holes and Musli

Get Sun Journalist Sacked From IPSO Board For His Article About “The Muslim Problem”

Earlier this week, The Sun published a comment piece by Trevor Kavanagh explicitly asking the reader “What will we do about the Muslim Problem then?”. It goes without saying that if anyone were to mention “the Jewish Problem” or “the Black Problem”, they would be swiftly held to accou

MPACUK Success! Public Pressure and Loss of More Sponsors Forces Mount Cricket Club To Cancel Match in Israel

Mount Cricket Club have finally apologised for their proposed match against an Israeli cricket team and given assurances that nothing like this will happen in the future. The club’s statement was released late last night, and came off the back of sustained public pressure and 4