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Topic “Killing”

Who Bombed Damascus?

Bombing in Damascus Syria

Last week witnessed the most deadly twin bombing attack, during the morning rush hour in the Syrian capital of Damascus, since the uprising against Bashar Al-Assad’s regime, killing 55 people.


Hosni Mubarak : The Tyrant Behind Bars

hosni mubarak

30 years of fear, 30 years of torture, 30 years of oppression, culminated this week with the Criminal in Chief, Mubarak, being wheeled in on a hospital bed into a cage for the beginning of his t


Rabbi Urges Killing of Non-Jews

Israeli Rabbi Dov Lior

Palestine’s Shaykh Raed Salah was due to speak at a meeting of pro-Palestinian MPs in the


Israeli PM On Master Mind Program!

Turning the clock back a few years to the era of Spitting Image, we can only despair about how little progress has been made when it comes to holding the world to account for the ineptitude of fa


Soldiers of Conscience - How Killing Muslim Civilians Made Them Feel

Soldiers of Conscience is a powerful and shocking insight into the choice a soldier makes when he finally must pull the trigger.


Emergency Demos Across the Country!

Latuff Flotilla Attack Cartoon

Get out and demonstrate against the barbaric Apartheid state of Israel and show the Government your outrage at the barbaric attack against innocent civilians - please attend the emergency demonstra


Olbermann: Killing Awlaki Is Murder

A brilliant video commentary by Olbermann on the recent announcement that the White house will murder a Muslim cleric without legally charging him, or him standing trial for any crime in a court


Blair Wanted Muslim Blood Regardless of WMDs

Tony Blair - Former British Prime Minister

Tony Blair finally admitted that he would have been prepared to kill hundreds of thousands of Iraqis regardless of them Comments

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