Wed, 20/08/2014 - 6:47am
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Topic “Israel”

£4.7 Billion Pound Victory for pro-Palestine campaigners!

Following a two-year long political campaign by pro-Palestine campaigners in North London against a multi-national that profits from and supports the Israeli occupation, the company has been fo


BBC - The Capital of Israel is Tel Aviv!

BBC Logo

It's the Olympics and Israel's head honcho of hasbara, Mark Regev is putting pressure on the BBC to legitimise the zionist occupation of Jerusalem


Zio-Islamophobes Are Liars Inc.

Islamophobic and proud

Zionist Islamophobes have very common traits: many of them have no qualifications to speak about Islam, many are


Saudi Royals and Clerics – The Unholy Alliance

Saudi Arabian

Over the weekend, the Times reported that the Saudi royals had secretly agreed to allow Isra


VIDEO: Bully, Lee Scott, MP Slams Young Muslim Girl

A video going around various blogs shows a young Muslim girl asking an MP a question on Israel.


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