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Topic “Islamophobia”

The Do's & Don'ts of Palestine

Don’t call it genocide
we don’t want to offend anyone


Is David Cameron Really Our 'Servant'?

David Cameron response letter from 10 Downing Street

David Cameron likes to market himself as an approachable Prime Minister.


Census Alert


This year, the people of the United Kingdom of Great Britain will be filling out a census forms.


4Thought.Tv – Must Watch Television For Muslims

4thought.tv logo

Channel 4's 4Thought.tv manages to produce thought provoking television in just a two minute slot.


The Redefining and Relabelling of Muslims

Islamophobia (RIDZDESIGN)

The redefining and relabelling of Muslims- further cemented by a poppy burner this time.


Geert Gets Even Wilder With Zionist Support

Is the Islamophobic, Dutch MP Geert Wilders, Europe's most dangerous man?


Desperate Denis MacShane

Denis MacShane

Nutty Zionist, Denis MacShane MP, thinks that MPACUK urged people to vote for the far-right British National Party in the 2010 General Election in Rotherham in a bid to unseat him.


Baroness Sayeeda Warsi: Bigotry Against Muslims Has Become Normal & Acceptable

Sayeeda Warsi

MPACUK have been saying it for years, and it seems that the politicians are finally getting it on board: prejudice against Muslims has “passed the dinner table test” and is socially acceptable in


The Muslim Cosby Show

American Journalist, Katie Couric suggests that we may be due a Muslim version of The Cosby Show.


'The Great Islamophobic Crusade'

The great Islamophobic Crusade.

Sound a bit far-fetched?


MDL Embarrasses EDL in Peterborough

Muslim Defence League MDL

The Muslim Defence League (MDL) is a grassroots movement that encourages Muslims to proactively stand up against the racist and Is


Engage, Another Muslim Think Tank Left Defenceless

Islamophobia (RIDZDESIGN)

Engage, another Muslim think tank left defenceless.


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“It is the reformer who is anxious for the reform, and not society, from which he should expect nothing better than opposition, abhorrence and mortal persecution”

— Mahatma Gandhi