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Introduction to Bosnia

Introduction to Bosnia


Sunni Vs Shia - The War Your Enemies Want

Muslims having been taught sectarian hatred are in danger of falling into a trap set by those who hate us.


Mourning 9/11. But What About the Rest?


As the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks approaches, we are seeing documentary after documentary and constant mention in the media of the tragic events that occurred.


All I Am Saying is “Give War A Chance”

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair

It really comes to something when a “peace envoy” calls for wa


Forget the Ummah, It’s Itekaf Time…….

Muslim woman praying in a mosque

As the last 10 days of Ramadan have begun, there are a number of brothers and sisters who are devoting the final part of Ramadan purely to the worship of Allah.


Ramadan Mubarak

Ramadan Mubarak

As the holy month of Ramadan enters our homes, we search our souls and seek forgiveness from Al Aziz (The All mighty); but have you spared a thought for those who are under the constant plight


How Long Before the Time Bomb of Islamophobia Explodes?

time bomb

Let’s see what Muslim silence in challenging Islamophobia has achieved so far. Illegal invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq and now Libya to begin with.


What are Muslim Lives Worth?

Muslim girl praying

The September 11 attacks claimed three thousand lives. The world went on a ten year hunt to track down the man they said was responsible. Lives lost on that day had to be avenged.


The UAE Hire Erik Prince's Blackwater/Xe Mercenaries

Erik Prince former CEO of mercenary firm Blackwater (now Xe)

I'm sure you all remember Erik Prince, the creepy, Christian extremist and former CEO of mercenary firm


"The Quaint And Obsolete Nuremberg Principles"

Former president George W. Bush and Osama Bin Laden

Glenn Greenwald, is one of the most outstanding US Political commentators, he writes with a searing depth of analysis.

His recent blog post for is one such example.


Guest Post: He’s Dead. Now What?

Osama bin Laden

The title of this article is the thought going through many peoples' minds, particularly as Muslims.


Jummah Mubarak

Jummah salah prayer

As we wonder around this world in our meaningless lives, only but a needle in the ocean to our Creator, we must always remember the plight of our Ummah which is being obliterated daily by those w


Rwanda Genocide Proves Grand Hypocrisy

Rwanda refugees

During the past few weeks I have been privileged enough to take part in various debates, where my deluded counterparts have defended the historical actions of the West, be it the Libyan intervent


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"A small group. They are the ones who carry ambitions for the Muslim Ummah. And an even smaller group from this small group. They are the ones who sacrifice their personal worldly interests in order to act upon those ambitions. And an even smaller group from this elite. They are the ones who sacrifice their souls and their blood in order to bring victory to these ambitions and convictions. So, they are a small group within a small group within a small group."

— Shaheed Dr Sheikh Abdullah Azzam

Assassinated 1989