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St. George the Palestinian: A man for all people

Today is St. George’s day, and in case you didn’t know he is the patron saint of England and the national flag is named after him. But who was he and should we care?


Iran: Ahead of The Game?

War in Iraq to War in Iran

Iran has been criticised for allowing the


Now what do you say Islamophobes?

Flag of Great Britian

So, Muslims - those people accused of hating Britain and British values by the fascists and Islamophobes, are actually more patriotic than the average Brit.



MPACUK has, for over a decade, campaigned for Muslim


Press Release: 10,000 Signatures Urging Police To Not Seize Family Home

farooqi family event poster

10,000 Signatures Urging Police Not to Seize Family Home


What is Taking Us So Long?

question mark 2

On 14/10/2011, there was a show called Comic Strip Presents: The Hunt for Tony Blair, on Channel 4 at 9pm.


MPACUK at Stop the War Demonstration 8th OCtober 2011

It has been 10years since the American and our own government illegally invaded Afghanistan and sent troops to cause destruction in the name of democracy.


UEL Students Tackle Prevent Strategy

university of east london

Last week, the University of East London (UEL) held their first meeting to discuss the ‘Prevent Strategy’ being implemented in universities.


Renaissance, Reform and the Mosques

Mosque in London

When MPACUK call for Mosque reform, they are not calling for Islamic reform, however, it is often taken to mean that we are calling for a reform of the religion and is therefore met with confrontat


MPACUK Tells David Cameron to Stop Islamophobia

Watch MPACUK protest outside Downing Street and highlight the double standards shown by our MPs, regarding Islam and Muslims.


Do Our Scholars Fear Jihad?

Mosque in London
I went to the first session of a four week course, which aims to briefly outline the social responsibilities of Muslims.


Islamophobic? Blame the 80's

There was a lot that went wrong in the 1980's, for instance weird fashion trends, too much hairspray and a heap of other oddities that have yet to be explained to me.


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— William Lloyd Garrison