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Topic “Birmingham Campaign”

MPACUK Interviews Steve Jolly, The Man Who Stopped The Police's Spycams

Steve Jolly is a normal looking man, with dirty blonde hair, casually dressed with a striking brown 'No to CCTV' T-Shirt. He seems very calm and composed.


Birmingham Youth: Action for Gaza

Birmingham Youth Action for Gaza

In response to the recent attack by Israel on the Freedom Flotilla, Hear My Voice and Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK, invite you to attend….


MPACUK Sisters Masterful Campaign Mesmerised Khalid Mahmood

Khalid Mahmood

Since the past few weeks, a handful of sisters had predominately led the campaign against Khalid Mahmood in Perry Barr, Birmingham.


Operation Muslim Vote - A New Dawn

Operation Muslim Vote II

Victory against pro-war, pro-Israel MPs in the 2010 Elections came in


MPACUK CEO Zulfi Bukhari - Election wrap up

MPACUK Success ! picked their targets about 3 years ago. We knew each area we wanted to target and we built teams in each town.


Khalid Mahmood Disrespects Sikh Community!

Khalid Mahmood

Khalid Mahmood, already struggling on the ground, has made Comments

MP Khalid Mahmood says ''F*** Off MPACUK''

Khalid Mahmood WAR MONGER!

I went to a hustings in Handsworth Wood, a fairly calm affair organised by a church group, mainly older people in attendance, all questions were pre-arranged, almost no heckling, people were told w


Vote Against Khalid Mahmood!

The sisters of Birmingham were out again today taking on the Political Jihad, shame on the brothers of Birmingham.


@ the Imaams: Final Jummah before Election Day …

Jummah Khutbah

Last Friday, as I settled down to listen to the Khutbah at my local mosque, I wondered what pearls of wisdom the Imaam would be offering.


Khalid Mahmood Calls MPACUK Out

Khalid Mahmood

You called us out, Khalid Mahmood.


Jame Masjid, Anti-Khalid Mahmood Campaign

MPACUK Leaflet Birmingham Jame Masjid for the General Elections 2010, letting Muslims know who not to vote for. Your vote is your voice, Muslims are under attack in every corner of the world.


Hustings for Prospective Parliamentary Candidates for Perry Barr, Birmingham

MPACUK Action Alert!

The Neighbourhood Consultancy and Cherry Orchid Neighbourhood Forum have invited the following Prospective Parliamentary Candidates (PPC) for the Perry Barr constituency:


MPACUK Campaign Manager: A Day in the Life of ...

Operation Muslim Vote II

A few hours on a Sunday in the life of the Election Co-ordinator at ...


Public Comment: Leave Khalid Mahmood MP Alone!

writing with a pen. readers comments

Hi MPACUK,  I thought that Khalid was one of the MPss instrumental in getting rid of Tony Blair precisely because of the Iraq war.


Retiring Labour MP Backs Salma Yaqoob

Salma Yaqoob

Retiring Labour MP Lynne Jones has Comments

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