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BBC's Panorama Bias: "Death in the Med" deconstructed

This excellent video deconstructs the lies told by Jane Corbin and the BBC on their shameful hasbara (propaganda), carried out on behalf of Israel, in the "Death in the Med" Panorama programme.


UK's Most Influential Muslim Agrees Foreign Policy is the Problem

Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad

Below is Sheikh Abdul-Hakim Murad's counter, to the propaganda spewed out by sections of the media about Islam being the problem.


What Have We Got To Celebrate?

CEO's Blog

First our Prophet is called a paedophile by everyone from Daily Telegraph writers to Italian MPs.


The Lunacy of the Israeli Narrative

“I have to say, sir, with all due respect, talking to you is like a physicist talking to someone from the flat earth society, because you have no relationship to reality.


Exposed! The EDL and Its Zionist Connection


Birmingham police lost control of a fascist demonstration in the City Centre on Saturday.


Bradford: Chickens coming home to roost!

Englidh Defence League in Bradford

I was deeply saddened after reading an article in last month’s Emel, by Imam Zaid Shakir.


Rethinking Islamic Reform: Hamza Yusuf & Tariq Ramadan

Watch Hamza Yusuf and Tariq Ramadan at this talk about reform in Islam.

Do you agree with their analysis?


Real Reason Behind Mosque Opposition Frenzy

No Ground Zero Mosque

MPACUK Comment: We've been keeping a close eye on events over the pond and the ongoing controversy over the 'Ground Zero Mosque' continues unabated.


Why Iran's Jews Are Better Off Than Gaza's Palestinians

Iran Flag

25,000 Jews live in Iran. It's the largest Jewish population in the Middle East outside of Israel.


Shame on You Muslims

Islamophobia shown to be wrong - boy holding banner saying "it's not okay to bash Muslims"

Muslims are a minority in the United Kingdom. Despite residing here for over 60 years, the word 'Muslim' has become a threat; a fear instilled in the mind of society around the world.


Are Muslims Going to Have Another Empty Ramadhan?

Quranic Text in Arabic With Tasbeeh

Ramadhan is a time of deep reflection and self appraisal. For many it is often filled with a sense of remorse and regret, about our own heedlessness.


From Palestine to Pakistan

Waving The Flag of Palestine

As large parts of Pakistan drown under dark murky water, one can only draw inspiration from the people of Palestine who are pulling together what little they have to raise funds for the Comments

Pakistan: Nothing To Celebrate?

Pakistani Flag - green and white crescent and star

As 14th August approached the UK, a majority of young, UK Pakistanis were planning how to spend, Pakistan’s 63rd National Independence day.


Help MPACUK in Creating No More Orphans

Bombing orphanages

MPACUK, aims to tackle one of the main root causes behind Muslim children becoming orphans.


About "No More Orphans" Campaign

Orphans from Lebanon

There are millions of children around the world who are orphaned for one reason or another.


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